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The actual blinds of the ROPACO system consist of a top box (with exception of type F) which includes the winding and turning mechanisms as well as the hangings.
The winding mechanism is based on a continuous, precisely extruded aluminium shaft which shifts axially during the winding process. This ensures a steady running of the blinds.
The hangings consist of 15mm aluminium slats, coated and free from fogging, with outstanding reflectance properties. The 0.2mm wide slats are held and turned by a first-class ladder cord.


Surrounding the actual blind, there is a spacer bar frame out of aluminium. This completely imbeds the blind and provides the supporting construction for the later mounting of the glass panes. The spacer bars further include the desiccant that absorbs both the residual moisture and the water vapour, which has to be diffused. For this reason the aluminium profiles are perforated on the surface. The lateral spacer bars are equipped with deflectors in order to direct the blind and to protect the glass pane’s functional layers. For reasons of appearance, these profiles are anodized.
The cable passage for the energy supply of the 24V DC motor is part of the frame construction at types E and W. As standard the cables are directly plugged onto a board.

Glass panes

Glass panes are stuck onto the frame from both sides. Additional functions can be integrated into the insulating glass pane by choice of different types of glass: Sound insulation, fire protection, burglary protection, fall protection, and heat insulation glazing have become common additional features for windows and glass panes for years.
Self-cleaning coatings at the outside and heat able coatings at the room side are more recent products and can be combined with ROPACO blinds at any time. Triple glazing is possible, too. Both we and our partners will be happy to advise you in your search for appropriate function blocks.

Insulating glass unit

The insulating glass unit is finalised with an all round sealing out of PU or PS, for instance. Along with the prime sealant butyl, the two-tier sealing is completed. The IG unit is generally filled with argon, a low-priced noble gas with outstanding thermal insulation properties. More high-grade and more expensive gases like krypton are not eligible for the large sizes of the blinds’ glass panes.