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Durability tests

To ensure a consistently excellent delivery quality, R&R Sonnenschutztechnik regularly produces ROPACO blinds as test elements. These are inspected in a durability test, which is truly an acid test for the blinds.  20 years of operating life are simulated within few weeks. Hereby, the system is lifted and lowered 20,000 times. By the end of the test, the shutoff points still need to function reliably and the hangings may not show more traces of use than normal. Of course, the ROPACO blinds still need to be fully operational after the testing phase.


All components that are installed within an insulating glass pane need to be checked on their material properties. The components have to be free from highly volatile ingredients in heat and under UV light; if they are not, those ingredients fog the glass panes (fogging). We are equipped with an own institution in which all components are checked on their fogging properties under intensified conditions (80°C). We examine all of our components so that the transparency of the insulating glass pane is guaranteed for years.


As the sum of all individual parts plays a decisive role for the quality of the final product, we are not willing to make any compromises on the ROPACO blind system. In every section we only use components which are produced with focus on quality.
From the motor of a Swiss manufacturer who was allowed to send his products to Mars, via the precisely and to the highest quality anodised, extruded winding shaft up to injection moulded parts which are “Made inGermany” without exception. Not only the wrapping system with its outstanding technology is equipped with first-class materials, also the hanging materials convince by quality. The appeal of our slats lies in their superb reflectance values.


Apart from the company-internal quality assurance, the ROPACO system was checked by different independent certification institutes on lasting functionability, heat insulation values, fire protection and sound insulation. Numerous certificates prove the product quality of ROPACO blinds black on white. Overviews of the most important tests are available for download in the download area. We will send you single test reports upon request.


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